The Genji Fireflies of Shiga Kogen!

Have you heard of the Genji Firefly of Shiga Kogen? They are one of the biggest fireflies that live only in Japan, and only in special environments where they can spread there larvae in water (only a few species out of the 2000 total use water to spread their larvae). These larvae hatch from mid-July to mid-August and are a sight to behold!
They are found in the Ishinoyu area and are a feature of the summer nights of Shiga Kogen. The Iwakurazawa River is approximately 1650m sea level, and is one of the highest points that you can find the Genji Fireflies!
In March 2008, the lights of the fireflies at Ishinoyu was recognised and designated as a National Natural Monument!

What are the characteristics of Genji firefly?

・The altitude of the place of origin is the highest in Japan.
 ・The outbreak period is the longest in Japan.
 ・Adults have a long lifespan.
 ・The firefly flickering cycle is long. 

Genji Firefly Habitat Map

In the peak season for fireflies, staff will guide guests around. For a smoother experience please follow their instructions.
It is a 10 minute walk from the general parking area. Please bring appropriate walking footwear.

Manners when visiting

Our most basic request is that you do not interact or affect the environment in anyway. A simple policy of look but don't touch. The area is home not only to the fireflies but also other wildlife and it is necessary to keep this area untouched so that the ecology is kept in balance. If this balance is lost, it will become harder for the fireflies to live and flourish.
It is imperative that you do not under any circumstance bring pets into the park, as well as not entering the river or approaching it.

As you can see in the above picture, the fireflies use the river and its banks. If you get too close, you could disturb and even destroy firefly eggs with stones or even your shoes. Even throwing a stone into the river could cause a massive disturbance to the fireflies.
Also do not bring artificial lights as it can disturb their conversations (fireflies communicate via the lights they make)
Please also be quiet when in the area! Creating unnecessary noise will startle and interrupt the fireflies and therefore will affect their environment. In the case of a firefly landing on you, please try not to hit or attack it and slowly place it on a nearby plant. If you catch a firefly and take it home, it will die quite quickly, out of its environment. Releasing the firefly would also create problems if released outside its environment.

Photography rules

[Photographable period]
 ◇August 1st (Sat) to August 30th (Sun) 2020
 *Photos and videos are not allowed outside these dates.
[Photographable time]
 ◇ After 20:30 within the above period

[Rules for taking photos]
1 Do it in a place that does not interfere with the passage of other guests.
2 Do not enter in a place that has not been mowed (maintained)
3 No photography on the bridge or within 1m before or after the bridge
4 No photography that emits light (including LCD display lights)
5 Do not leave the photograph area
6 Do not use drones or selfie sticks
7 Other inappropriate behaviour is prohibited
8 Be careful about your safety as well as others while in the area
9 Keep good manners and try to treat each other with respect

* In case of accident, stolen or lost equipment, local trouble please contact Shiga Kogen Genji Fire Park Park Maintenance Committee We do not take any responsibility for any loss of property or injuries.
*We plan to consider the implementation from next year based on the results of this year.