Trekking course status

There are many trails in Shiga Kogen, from smaller easier courses that focus on taking you to sight seeing locations to longer harder mountain climbing courses!
Shiga Kogen is an amazing winter wonderland where you can enjoy skiing up until the beginning of May, but then we see a change where you can go on full treks around the mountain! This page shows which courses are open for trekkers!
Please be careful as the courses may still be dangerous due to the influence of bad weather.

Trekking Course Open Information

Course NameConditionOtherMAP
Sunshine TrailWalkableThe path around Biwa Lake is pavedmap
Mt. Asahi mountain climbing courseWalkableEasy hiking for about 30 minutes to the summitmap
Okugashiga White Birch Garden CourseWalkableTake a walk in the healing forest of beech and birchmap
Okura Shindo CourseWalkableThe soft windflowers that grow in groups in early spring is wonderful sight to seemap
Shinanoki CourseWalkableOne of the most amazing giant trees in the prefecturemap
Pond Tour CourseThere are some detours (please use the direction of Sakaike)Natural core area of Shiga Kogenmap
Shimizu Shindo CourseDamaged wooden pathWalk through the primeval forestmap
Babbling Brook CourseWalkableYou can see the native char in the babbling brook!map
Toge no 33 Kannon courseWalkableCollect red stamps and fulfil your wishmap
Nature Exploration CourseWalkableExperience the nature of Shiga Kogenmap
Mt. Shiga Mountain Climbing CourseWalkableDiscover the primeval forest and many flowersmap
Mt. Yakibitai Mountain Climbing CourseWalkableA pond and a swamp spread over the mountaintopmap
Mt. Iwasuge Mountain Climbing CourseWalkableShiga Kogen's most popular mountain climbingmap
Mt. Kasagatake Mountain Climbing CourseWalkableToyono Minami Shiga Koen Line closedmap
Mt. Hachi/ Mt. Yokote Climbing CourseTBCYou can easily reach the summit of Mt. Yokote by liftmap
Mt. Akaishi Mountain Climbing CourseTBC Check out Onuma Pond from the summitmap