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Okomin’s 10 years anniversary!

“Okomin” is a Shiga Kogen Tourism official mascot,
and It is the 10 year’s anniversary.
We prepared special Okomin items for sale to celebrate this special occasion!

Limited edition of Christmas version stuffed Okomin mascot!

Christmas version stuffed Okomin mascot which was sold out last time, is coming back this year.

The number of this item is very limited. Don’t miss this occasion!

  • Size : approximately H 25cm/ W 15cm/ D 13cm
  • Price : 3,960yen (tax included)
  • Shop address : please contact us

Okomin’s animated LINE sticker version 2

Okomin’s LINE sticker version 2 is now for sale!

This version is animated sticker.

Okomin loves wearing an acorn cup hat and a green bandana like an artist.

Okomin is always looking for fun and joy♪

Let’s text and send an Okomin’s sticker!

Okomin's Profile

Shiga Kogen's Official Mascot Okomin

Illustration of Okomin

So its name is Okomin!
It loves acorn hats, and looks like an artist.
It is often call the Fairy of Shiga Kogen.
It is said that if you meet Okomin, you're bound to be happy.
It is never seen without its trademark neckscarf!

Shiga Kogen
Loves having fun, doing interesting things
Favourite Foods
Mushrooms, Beer
Special Skills
Skiing, Snowboarding, Hide and Seek in the snow, Making people it meets happy.
Strong Points
Exceptional reflexes and nimble.
Weak Points
Short-tempered, weakness for tasty food, elusive
During winter,
its fur becomes as white as
snow letting it blend in with the slopes
Meaning behind name
In Japanese, an Ermine (or Stoat) is called Okojo.
Therefore mixing the names together you get Okomin!
Other Names
The Fairy of Shiga Kogen

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