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Attractions of Shiga Kogen

The vast slopes that are made of the natural terrain will appear one after another.
The elevation of 2307m is one of the highest in Japan.
The fantastic panorama view of great nature will be right in front of you.
Shiga Kogen is very rich in nature that it has been designated as a UNESCO Park.
It is one of the largest snow resorts in Japan, with 18 ski resorts scattered throughout an area with a height difference of 1,000m.
Want to enjoy exhilarating long rides on a magnificent scale.

Shiga Kogen has natural powder snow and one of the largest slopes in Japan.
The topography of the area offers a rich variety of courses that can be enjoyed by beginners and experts.
Thanks to the abundant snow cover, the slopes can be open until May every year.
Here are some figures and keywords that reveal the attractions of Shiga Kogen.

Have much more fun in Shiga Kogen

Shiga Kogen's Nature Conservation Efforts

Shiga Kogen's Nature Conservation Efforts
Shiga Kogen Ryokan(Japanese-style hotel) Association Union president Susumu Yamamoto
Shiga Kogen Ryokan(Japanese-style hotel) Association
Union president
Susumu Yamamoto

You will find a new Shiga Kogen every time you visit.

The Shiga Kogen has wonderful scenery in each season. In winter, when the air is very clear, the beauty of the scenery is particularly special, and the sight of pure white ice trees and rime with the blue sky is indescribable. Some days are mild, while others are freezing cold, but all of them are part of Shiga Kogen's attraction. We hope you will experience the closeness of the mountains and the breathtaking panoramic views from the top of the mountains, which are usually hard to experience in Japan.

For those who enjoy skiing and snowboarding with staying over, we recommend using the common ticket for all 18 ski resorts so that you can ski the slopes more freely. Recently, snowshoeing tours in the snowfields with a guide and snowmobile tours (snow monster tours) on Yokoteyama are also gaining popularity. After enjoying the snowy mountains, relax with special cuisine, local beer, and hot springs at each lodging facility. Waking up in the fresh air in the morning is also a unique highland experience.

When staying at Shiga Kogen, please check the official website of Shiga Kogen for accommodation information. You can choose the best accommodation from more than 80 hotels, inns, and pensions according to your area, price, and other conditions. There are plenty of accommodation plans for families and groups, as well as for singles and those staying for longer periods of time, such as vacations. We also offer special coupons depending on the time of year.

Each facility is working on measures to prevent COVID-19 infection. Please come to Shiga Kogen with relief. And if possible, please take your time and enjoy the magnificent nature without overloading your schedule.

About preventing infection measures of COVID-19

At Shiga Kogen ski resorts, accommodations, restaurants, and other facilities
preventing infection measures of COVID-19 are being taken.

Initiatives at each facility

  • Upon check-in and entry, all guests will be subjected to temperature measurement and identity verification, along with infection prevention measures such as avoiding direct face-to-face contact.
  • If you have a fever or cold symptoms, we may decline your admittance.
  • "Three Cs" (avoiding Closed spaces/ Crowded places/ Close-contact settings) measures will be taken by limiting the number of people and time limits on the use of common facilities such as bathrooms and eating and drinking facilities.
  • Buffet meals will be served individually, served by employees, or may be provided dedicated tongs and cutlery for their exclusive use. Each tables have enough space between each other in accordance with “Three Cs” (avoiding Closed spaces/ Crowded places/ Close-contact settings) measures.
  • We thoroughly disinfect and ventilate guest rooms, elevators, and other common spaces.
  • We thoroughly implement industry-specific guidelines for preventing the spread of infection, such as implementing ventilation and disinfection on trains, buses, cabs, etc., and encouraging users to wear masks.

Requests from customers

  • Before visiting, please conduct a temperature measurement and other health checks, and avoid traveling if you have a fever or symptoms of a cold. Also, please try to use of the Contact-Confirmation Application.
  • During your trip, please put the "New Travel Etiquette" formulated by the Travel Liaison Committee (in cooperation with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Japan Tourism Agency) into practice, and try not to go to or use places or facilities where "Three Cs" (Closed spaces/ Crowded places/ Close-contact settings) is generated. Also please avoid speak loudly.
  • Please cooperate with employee's instructions regarding temperature checks, identification, “Three Cs” (avoiding Closed spaces/ Crowded places/ Close-contact settings) measures and other infection prevention measures.

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