2020.11.24 Tue
08:26 / Observation Station Hasuike
Current levels of radiation 0.067μSv

National Highway 292 Shiga Kogen Kusatsu Takahara Route

National Highway 292 (From Yozaka Gate to Gunma Prefecture, Kusatsu)
Restrictions in Place
Restrictions: Gunma Prefecture Manza Junction Gate ~ Kusatsu Seisho Gate. Approx:8.5km
①5:00 PM to 8:00 AM Road Closure
②Walking・Bicycles・Motorbikes・Open-top Cars are not allowed in this area
③Parking from the main shrine to the Manza Junction Gate is prohibited
④There may also be closures due to bad weather. Please check the page below and carefully follow the instructions of the local guide.
For more information please contact: Nakanojo Public Works Office 0279-75-3047 (Japanese Only)

Prefectural Road (471) Okushiga Park Sakae LineOkushiga Kogen-Nozawa Onsen/Akiyamago

Okushiga Kogen-Nozawa Onsen/Akiyamago
Road closed due to disaster recovery work
[Okushiga Park Sakae Line] *From Okushiga Kogen Gate
Area Affected: Okushiga Kogen Gate to Akiyama Forest Road Crossroad pdf
Roadworks: June 1st 2020 ~ August 31st 2020
Regulations in Place: Full closure (all day)
[Okushiga Park Line]
*Currently available for use.
Construction period: September 1st to October 10th, 2020
Regulations: Alternate traffic on one side (all day)

Toyonominami Shiga Kogen Park LineKasegadake~ Yamada Onsen/ Takayamamura

Kasegadake~ Yamada Onsen/ Takayamamura
Road closed due to disaster recovery work
(Prefectural Road 66 Toyonominami Shiga Kogen Park Line)
Area Affected:Kasegadake Gate ~ Takayamamurakyo pdf
Period: May 28th 2020 ~ September 30th 2020

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