Shiga Kogen is full of many amazing and unique hot springs that will help satisfy and alleviate your aches and pains. After skiing the slopes or trekking the mountains, come back to these magic natural hot springs, one of the reasons why Shiga Kogen is so popular!

Shiga Kogen has a long history of hot springs, over 170 years! It all started with the development of the Hoppo and Kumanoyu Hot Springs!
Hoppo Hot Springs were named aver the sound of the boiling water and steam, with Kumanoyu Hot Springs is said to be named after healing the wounds of a wild bear.
Kidoike Hot Spring is clear and colorless and has a nice feel.
Kumanoyu Hotaru Hot Spring is located in the deepest mountainous area of ​​Shiga Kogen.
Shigayama Hot Spring is located directly below the Giant ski area.
Takamagahara Hot Spring has its source come from the northern side of the mountain.
Makuiwa Hot Spring is a place where you can enjoy the gorge made by the Kakuma River.
Maruike and Hasuike Hot Springs both allow you to enjoy and relax at the mid point of Nishitateyama, where the falling boiling water from the source has created a unique hot spring

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