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2023 Summer Access Information

How to come to Shiga Kogen:
Thanks to the direct express bus from Nagano station, it is easy to access to Shiga Kogen!

Tokyo Station ⇔ Nagano Station(Bullet Train/Shinkansen)

You can easily access to Nagano Station with Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo. As the gateway to Shiga Kogen, Nagano Station offers useful tourist information and various shops. Gather any necessary information or items before visiting Shiga Kogen.

Tokyo Station → Hokuriku Shinkansen (Bullet Train) → Nagano Station

Nagano Station ⇔ Shiga Kogen(Direct Express Bus)

You can easily get to Shiga Kogen from Nagano Station with the express bus!
Head to Bus Stop No. 23 on the east exit of Nagano Station and board the express bus bound for Shiga Kogen!
In approximately 70 minutes, you’ll reach at the heart of Shiga Kogen, which is “Yama no Eki” Bus Stop. It is a central bus terminal and from there, you can easily transfer by shuttle buses to reach various areas in Shiga Kogen.

Nagano Station→Direct Bus (East Exit Bus Stop #23)→Shiga Kogen time tble
“04.Apr.2023 to 01.Dec.2023”

Yudanaka Station ⇔ Snow Monkey Park Bus stop ⇔ Shiga Kogen (Bus)

If  you want to enjoy local train, you can take Nagaden train from Nagano station to Yudanaka station, and then board a Nagaden bus to Snow Monkey Park or Shiga Kogen.

Yudanaka Station ⇒ Shiga Kogen “Okushiga and YOkoteyama” Bus timetable

Nagano Station ⇔ Yudanaka Station (train)

Nagano Station ⇔ Yudanaka Station(train) timetable

Bus Stop

Nagano Station

Shiga Kogen Yamanoeki Bus stop

Yudanaka Station

Shubu onsen Bus stop

Snow Monkey Park Bus Stop

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