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Spring skiing and Early morning skiing ※The 2023/2024 ski season is closed on March 17th.

The 2023/2024 ski season ended on March 17th.
Thank you for visiting Shiga Kogen.
We look forward to seeing you again in the 2024-2025 season.


Ski high season in Shiga Kogen is until March 31st, and then Spring skiing season starts from April 1st except for some ski resorts. Please refer to this page to get the information about spring season business hours and lift pass prices.
*The closure date may change depending on the weather and snow conditions.


Spring Skiing Pass and Early Morning Pass

Spring skiing pass and Early morning pass are only available at the ticket center of the ski resorts, not available on the online purchase. 1 day pass is only valid on the day of purchase, 2day pass is only valid on the day of purchase and the next day.
*The season pass and the all-mountain pass cannot be used for early morning hours.

The season pass and the all-mountain pass are valid for spring skiing season until May 6th. Please purchase each ski resort spring skiing pass at the ticket centers from May 7th.  *Kumanoyu ski resort and Yokoteyama/Shibutoge ski resort will continue their operation after May 6th until they have enough snow.

*Open dates, business hours and operating lift status may change depending on the weather and snow conditions.

Please ask directly to ski resorts for more information.

Ski resorts which are open for spring ski season

①Terakoya ski resort : CLOSED
②Takamagahara Mammoth ski resort  : CLOSED
③Ichinose Family ski resort : CLOSED
④Ichinose Diamond ski resort  :  CLOSED
⑤Yakebitaiyama ski resort : CLOSED
⑥Okushiga Kogen ski resort  : CLOSED
⑦Kumanoyu ski resort  : CLOSED
⑧Yokoteyama/Shibutoge ski resort  : Everyday until May 17th  


Grey area : Closed
Black dots : Operating lifts *Please refer to the details below, operating days vary depending on the lifts.


【 For more details 👇 】


🚌 Bus timetable 🚌


Nagano dentetsu bus HP :  Bus timetable from April 2nd 2024

Shuttle bus in Shiga Kogen
※The buses highlighted in the blue frame on the schedule are free of charge until May 6th.
Please refer to the bus route map for bus stop numbers :


Express bus between Nagano Station ⇔ Shiga Kogen

*Shiga Kogen Yamanoeki is closed during April 1st to 23rd. Please use the restroom at the Shiga Kogen Nature Conservation Centre across from Yamanoeki.
Shiga Kogen Nature Conservation Centre is open every day 9:00 – 16:00.


👇Course connection status👇

【×】Yokoteyama ⇔ Shibutouge ( connecting around summit )
【×】Ichinose Family ⇔ Tanne no Mori ⇔ Takamagahara ( Tanne no Mori will be closured when there are not enough snow)
【×】Ichinose Family  →  Terakoya  (Connected via top of Quad lift)
【×】Terakoya → Ichinose Family  ( From terakoya pair summit to Ichinose Family summit )
【×】Ichinose Diamond ⇔ Ichinose Family ( connecting via an overpass)
【×】Okushiga Kogen ⇔ Yakebitaiyama   (Flat groomed pass of about 100m, open until there are enough snow)
*Kumanoyu → Yokoteyama connecting course is closured at March 13st. Please transfer by car, bus or walk.


Rental shop

[Kumanoyu・Yokoteyama/Shibutoge area]
Snowcan Yokoteyama & Kumanoyu shop
Bus stop : Hotaru Onsen
Google Map :

[Central area]
SnowCan Ichinose diamond shop
Bus stop : Ichinose ski resort
Google Map :

*Alpina sports at Yamanoeki is closured from March 31st.

[Yakebtaiyama area]
At the Prince Hotel East building or 2nd Gondola station

[Okushiga area]
Bus stop : Okushiga Kogen Hotel
Okushiga Center House Rental shop
Okushiga Kogen Hotel
Hotel Grand Phenix Okushiga
Bus stop : Okushiga Gondola,
tactskilab  at restaurant St. Christoph, open only weekend when Okushiga Gondola is operationg.



These ski resorts will be closured on March 31st

Hoppo Bunadaira
Tanne no mori Okojo
Ichinose Yamanokami


*Snow kid’s parks are closured from April 1st.

*Shiga Kogen resort gondola – Bunadaira Gondola – Higashitateyama Gondola are closured from April 1st. 



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