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Restaurants information for Spring season 2024


Here is the list of restaurants which are open during Spring Ski Season!
*Other restaurants will be added.

👉 Spring ski season information :

🚌 How to access Shiga Kogen during Spring ski season :


【Okushiga Kogen area】

St.Christophe : open Friday – Monday
until 5/6
weekday 10:00-15:00, weekend 9:00-16:00

Grand Phenix : open until Golden week

Okushiga Kogen hotel : open until 4/25


【Yakebitaiyama area】

All restaurants in this area are closed.

Guests who bring their own food and drink can use the free rest rooms on the first floor of the first gondola base station and the second gondola base station. Instant noodles are available for sale at the rental shop of the second Gondola base station. 



Hi-Happy @ Ichinose Diamond ski resort

Taishou-ken  @ Ichinose Family ski resort :
open until 5/6
11:00~15:00 (Saturday 11:00~15:00, 17:30~21:00 )
closed at Tuesday

Café & Restaurant Rocky @ Hotel Ichinose, Ichinose Family ski resort :
open 4/1~4/8, 4/12~4/16, 4/19~4/21, 4/26~4/30, 5/2~5/5
weekday 11:30-14:00L.O. weekend 11:00-14:30L.O.
closed at Wednesday and 4/11, 4/18, 4/22~25


【Terakoya area】

Rest house Terakoya @Terakoya ski resort
open 4/6, 4/7, 4/13, 4/14, 4/20, 4/21, 4/27~5/6
* Open dates may change depending on the snow condition. The rest house is open when ski resort is open.


【Takamagahara area】

Restaurant Charme @Hotel Ginrei, Takamagahara Mammoth ski resot :
open 4/6, 4/7, 4/18, 4/19, 4/27-5/6

Restaurant Takama/Pizza pazza @Takamagahara Hotel, Takamagahara Mammoth ski resort :
Open 4/6~4/7, 4/13~4/14, 4/20~4/21, 4/26~5/6, 5/25~11/4
Having non-fixed days off

Holiday Plaza @Hotel Holiday Plaza, Takamagahara Mammoth ski resort :
open until 5/5
closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday ( exceptionally open 4/30~5/3 )

Restaurant Dakekanba @ Takamagahara Mammoth ski resort :
open only weekend and golden week until 5/6

Holiday Plaza @ Takamagahara Mammoth ski resort :
until 5/5
closed Monday-Friday except open during 4/30~5/3


【Kumanoyu area】

Restaurant Bel d’or @ Kumanoyu ski resort :
open until 5/12
8:30~16:00L.O. ( When only the 2nd lift is operating, 15:30L.O.)
Having non-fixed day off


【Yokoteyama/Shibu toge area】

NEWSIDE CAFÉ @Hotel New Yokote, Yokoteyama ski resort :
open 4/1~4/7, 4/13~4/14, 4/20~4/21, 4/27~5/6

Hotel laforet Shiga @Yokoteyama ski resort :
open until 5/12
8:30-16:00 (Open hours may change)
Having non-fixed days off

2370 Sky Cafe  @Yokoteyama skylator  *Great view spot, need to access by a car
Open from April 24th to November 4th  (Open schedule may change)
9:00-15:30 L.O.
Open everyday except for bad weather

Crumpet Cafe  @Yokoteyama ski resort
Open until mid-May (Open dates may change)  *planning to open for green season after 1 week holiday
Spring ski season 9:30-15:00    Green season 9:00-15:30
Having non-fixed day off

Rest house Akari    @Yokoteyama ski resort
Open until May 6th (Open dates may change depending on the snow condition)
10:00-15:30 L.O.
open everyday during spring ski season



Restaurant Green @Hotel Green, Sunvally ski resort :
open4/5~4/7, 4/19~
Having non-fixed days off



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