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志賀高原観光協会「THE SHIGAKOGEN」雑誌のロゴ


Dynamic exhilaration

The powder snow will be falling in Shiga Kogen, which is surrounded by the rich nature of Joshinetsu Kogen National Park this year again. There are 18 ski resorts of various sizes in the area that has the highest point is at an elevation of 2,307m with a 1,000m difference in elevation. The largest ski area in Japan, boasting an overwhelming sense of scale, will allow you to experience the joy of skiing in all its variety. Enjoy the dynamic exhilaration that can only be found in Shiga Kogen and the panoramic view that spreads out right in front of you.

The time is now! Let's go to Shiga Kogen

Area Introduction

Shiga Kogen area map
  • Okushigakogen Area

    Full-fledged Free Line Park at the far end of the park

    Okushiga Kogen Ski Area
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  • Yakebitaiyama Area

    Attractive variety of course layouts and two gondolas

    Yakebitaiyama Ski Resort
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  • Central Area

    13 ski resorts are gathered in the center of Shiga Kogen

    Sun Valley Ski Resort
    Maruike Ski Resort
    Hasuike Ski Resort
    Giant Ski Resort
    Hoppobunadaira Ski Resort
    Higashitateyama Ski Resort
    Nishitateyama Ski Resort
    Terakoya Ski Resort
    Takamagahara Mammoth Ski Resort
    Tanne no Mori Okojo Ski Resort
    Ichinose Family Ski Resort
    Ichinose Diamond Ski Resort
    Ichinose Mountain God Ski Resort
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  • Kumanoyu Area

    Easy-to-understand fan-shaped course layout

    Kumanoyu Ski Resort
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  • Yokoteyama・Shibutouge Area

    The highest ski resort at an elevation of 2,307m in Japan

    Yokoteyama Ski Resort
    Shibutouge Ski Resort
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  • Central Area


    13 ski resorts are gathered in the center of Shiga Kogen

    There are 13 ski resorts in the central area, featuring a wide variety of skiing areas. If you go around the ski resorts as if you were on a tour, you can be an expert! One of the most popular slopes is "Terakoya Ski Area. The 6-kilometer long course from there to "Higashitateyama Ski Area" to "Hoppobunadaira Ski Area" is well known for its fun.

    Nearest Bus Stop
    Sun Valley, Maruike(Maru Lake), Hasuike Plaza, Shiga Kogen Mountain Station, Hoppo Hotspring, Takamagahara, Ichinose
    Nearest Parking Area (Free)
    Sun Valley, Maruike(Maru Lake), Hasuike Plaza, Shiga Kogen Mountain Station, Hoppo Hotspring, Takamagahara, Ichinose
    0269-34-2301 Shiga Kogen Resort Development Office
    0269-34-2241 Ichinose Family Ski Area
    0269-34-2556 Ichinose Diamond Ski Area
    0269-34-2041 Takamagahara Mammoth Ski Resort
    0269-34-2524 Giant Ski Area
    0269-34-2255 Sun Valley Ski Area
    0269-34-2231 Higashidateyama Gondola Lift
    0269-34-2621 Shiga Kogen "Mountain Station"
  • Yokoteyama Shibutoge Area


    The highest ski resort at an elevation of 2,307m in Japan

    This ski resort has a feature of the highest elevation, at an elevation of 2,307m, in Japan and offers the best powder snow in Shiga Kogen. The abundant snowfall keep the slowest ski resort open for long period in Shiga Kogen. Skiers can enjoy the high quality of the snow even in spring season. The view from the top of the mountain is outstanding. You can see Mt. Kasadake right in front of you and the Northern Alps and Mt. Fuji may appear on sunny days.

    Nearest Bus Stop
    Yokoteyama Ski Resort (Hisaka), in front of Yokoteyama Lift No. 1
    Nearest Parking Area (Free)
    Suzuri river parking lot, Hisaka parking lot, Hotaru Hotspring shared parking lot, and Shibutouge parking lot (spring only) can be approximately 300 vehicles parked in the area total.
    S&T Tourism Development
  • Kumanoyu Area


    Easy-to-understand fan-shaped course layout

    There are a total of five lifts on the fan-shaped slope, and the course layout is easy for first-time visitors to understand, as you can take any of the lifts to return to the center house. Since the slopes face to the North, they have good condition snow throughout the day. It is known as a "mecca for skiers" with many long-time fans.

    Nearest Bus Stop
    Hotaru Hotspring (Suzuri river), Kumanoyu
    Nearest Parking Area (Free)
    Kumanoyu ski area parking lot (right before the bridge in front of the Kumanoyu Hotel entrance ),and Hotaru Hotspring shared parking lot can be approximately 300 vehicles parked in the area total.
    Kumanoyu Lift
  • Yakebitaiyama Area


    The attractions are diverse course layouts and two gondolas.

    Yakebitaiyama Ski Resort offers a rich variety of courses, including forest courses in harmony with nature and the Olympic Course, where numerous international competitions have been held. Two gondolas provide easy transportation. There are three hotels that have a wide variety at the base. All of them face the ski slopes and make it easy to start skiing. The First Track held every weekend and the no-compacted-snow zone where you can enjoy fresh snow and bumps are also popular.

    Nearest Bus Stop
    The parking lot in front of Prince Hotel West Wing, Prince Hotel South Wing, Prince Hotel East Wing, and Yakebitaiyama 1st Gondola
    Nearest Parking Area (Free)
    Prince Hotel West Wing: 856 cars can be parked
    The parking lot of Prince Hotel South Wing: 275 cars can be parked
    The parking lot of Prince Hotel East Wing: 388 cars can be parked
    Prince Hotel
  • Okushigakogen Area


    Full-fledged Free Line Park at the far end of the park

    It's located at the far end of the Shiga Kogen ski area, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a luxury resort.
    It is the only ski resort in the entire area that has a full-fledged Free Line Park, which attracts a large number of snowboarders from beginners to advanced skiers. Since there are no snow machines in the entire area, JAPOW (JAPAN + POWDER) is popular among inbound visitors as they can enjoy 100% of Japan's high-quality natural snow.

    Nearest Bus Stop
    In front of Okushiga Gondola, Okushiga Kogen Hotel
    Nearest Parking Area (Free)
    Daidou parking lot (about 600 cars)
    Okushiga parking lot (about 300 cars)
    Okushigakogen Resort


We take care visitors with children as well! There are ski slopes equipped with dedicated slopes for kids and a kids' park that offers kids' lessons.

KIDS PARKのイメージ画像


Each ski resort has a rental store for your convenience.
We are waiting for you with a variety of items of the latest models and more.


Let's try a new activity!

Would you like to see another side of Shiga Kogen that you can not enjoy when skiing or snowboarding? There are various routes, including a course that even beginners can enjoy walking around the lakes and a course that you can enjoy the panoramic view from the top of the mountain.


Shiga Kogen offers a variety of restaurants, including Japanese, Western, and Chinese.
It's time to take a break and enjoy delicious meals after enjoying Shiga Kogen in winter.

To Restaurant Information


We hope you will take your time and enjoy your stay at a variety of unique accommodations.

To Accommodation Information

you will find a new Shiga Kogen every time you visit.

The Shiga Kogen has wonderful scenery in each season. In winter, when the air is very clear, the beauty of the scenery is particularly special, and the sight of pure white ice trees and rime with the blue sky is indescribable. Some days are mild, while others are freezing cold, but all of them are part of Shiga Kogen's attraction. We hope you will experience the closeness of the mountains and the breathtaking panoramic views from the top of the mountains, which are usually hard to experience in Japan.
For those who enjoy skiing and snowboarding with staying over, we recommend using the common ticket for all 18 ski resorts so that you can ski the slopes more freely. Recently, snowshoeing tours in the snowfields with a guide and snowmobile tours (snow monster tours) on Yokoteyama are also gaining popularity. After enjoying the snowy mountains, relax with special cuisine, local beer, and hot springs at each lodging facility. Waking up in the fresh air in the morning is also a unique highland experience.
When staying at Shiga Kogen, please check the official website of Shiga Kogen for accommodation information. You can choose the best accommodation from more than 80 hotels, inns, and pensions according to your area, price, and other conditions. There are plenty of accommodation plans for families and groups, as well as for singles and those staying for longer periods of time, such as vacations. We also offer special coupons depending on the time of year.
Each facility is working on measures to prevent COVID-19 infection. Please come to Shiga Kogen with relief. And if possible, please take your time and enjoy the magnificent nature without overloading your schedule.

志賀高原旅館組合 組合長 山本進
Shiga Kogen Ryokan(Japanese-style hotel) Association
union president Susumu Yamamoto

Hot Spring

The more you know about hotsprings, the more you"ll want to try new hotsprings.
A variety of unique natural hot springs
The Shiga Kogen area, with its numerous volcanoes, has long been known as a hot spring resort with abundant hot spring water.
The history of these hot springs had started from the Edo period (1603-1867), which is 170 years ago.
There are no day-trip-only bathing facilities in any of the hot springs, and visitors can drop in at a hotspring of hotels and Ryokan(Japanese-style hotel).
The natural hot springs have efficacy of refreshing you after skiing and warm you from inside of your body.
  • 熊の湯温泉

    Kumanoyu Onsen

  • 志賀山温泉

    Shigayama Onsen

  • 木戸池温泉

    Kidoike Onsen

  • 発哺温泉

    Hoppo Onsen

  • たかまがはら温泉

    Takamagahara Onsen

  • 熊の湯ほたる温泉

    Kumanoyuhotaru Onsen

  • 幕岩温泉

    Makuiwa Onsen

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SAJ and SIA accredited schools
support you to improve your skiing and snowboarding skills.



Ski Association of Japan

You can improve your skills with fun through the lessons based on the teaching methods shown by the federation.

At schools accredited by the Ski Association of Japan (SAJ), we provide instruction suited to each individual's personality and objectives under the motto "conveying the joy of skiing and snowboarding.
SAJ-qualified instructors conduct lessons based on the Federation's instructional methods, so you can be sure to receive consistent instruction.
We have a wide range of participants from beginners to experts, but we especially encourage first-time skiers and snowboarders to take lessons.
We hope to safely convey to you the exhilaration and fun of skiing on beautiful snow and the sense of speed that is hard to feel in ordinary life.
There are many ski resorts in Shiga Kogen, and you can choose courses and lifts according to your progress, so you can improve your skill while having fun without getting bored.
We are committed to safety-first lessons by implementing measures to prevent COVID-19 infection, such as limiting the number of groups, preventing droplet infection during instruction, checking the physical condition of instructors, disinfection of contact counter, and so on.



Professional Ski Instructors Association of Japan

Professional snowsports teachers will give you lessons tailored to you.

The Professional Ski Instructor’s Association of Japan (SIA) is the only organization of professional snowsports teachers in Japan that is affiliated with the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA).
SIA's purpose is to improve techniques and teaching methods, develop and improve equipment, and pursue environmental conservation so that we all, regardless of young and old, men and women, and disabled or not, can enjoy snow sports safely throughout their lives.
There are 18 SIA-accredited ski schools in Shiga Kogen, and each of them have unique instructors.
A wide variety of lesson content is available to meet a wide range of needs, including kids' lessons, international, pole specialties, educational trips, and other snowsports experiences to fit your own snowsports lifestyle.
We adhere to SIA guidelines for COVID-19 infection control to ensure safe lessons. We know you are going through a tough time, but we invite you to come and refresh yourself with us under the best snow quality and vast area that only Shiga Kogen can offer.

About preventing infection
measures of COVID-19


At Shiga Kogen ski resorts, accommodations, restaurants, and other facilities
preventing infection measures of COVID-19 are being taken.

Initiatives at each facility

  • Upon check-in and entry, all guests will be subjected to temperature measurement and identity verification, along with infection prevention measures such as avoiding direct face-to-face contact.
  • If you have a fever or cold symptoms, we may decline your admittance.
  • "Three Cs" (avoiding Closed spaces/ Crowded places/ Close-contact settings) measures will be taken by limiting the number of people and time limits on the use of common facilities such as bathrooms and eating and drinking facilities.
  • Buffet meals will be served individually, served by employees, or may be provided dedicated tongs and cutlery for their exclusive use. Each tables have enough space between each other in accordance with “Three Cs” (avoiding Closed spaces/ Crowded places/ Close-contact settings) measures.
  • We thoroughly disinfect and ventilate guest rooms, elevators, and other common spaces.
  • We thoroughly implement industry-specific guidelines for preventing the spread of infection, such as implementing ventilation and disinfection on trains, buses, cabs, etc., and encouraging users to wear masks.

Requests from customers

  • Before visiting, please conduct a temperature measurement and other health checks, and avoid traveling if you have a fever or symptoms of a cold. Also, please try to use of the Contact-Confirmation Application.
  • During your trip, please put the "New Travel Etiquette" formulated by the Travel Liaison Committee (in cooperation with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Japan Tourism Agency) into practice, and try not to go to or use places or facilities where "Three Cs" (Closed spaces/ Crowded places/ Close-contact settings) is generated. Also please avoid speak loudly.
  • Please cooperate with employee's instructions regarding temperature checks, identification, “Three Cs” (avoiding Closed spaces/ Crowded places/ Close-contact settings) measures and other infection prevention measures.

The latest issue of THE SHIGAKOGEN

The contents of THE SHIGAKOGEN, a free magazine published by the Shiga Kogen Tourist Association, are also available in PDF format.

Vol. 6

2021-2022 Winter Season issued

In The Open Air


The fees, services, and other, listed in the previous THE SHIGAKOGEN are as of the time of publication. Please contact the department in charge for details as they may be different from the current situation.



    Winter Season issued

    360° Snow!



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    Winter Season issued




    Green Season issued




    Winter Season issued


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Please call between 8:30~17:00/ Available all year round (Subject to temporary closures)

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