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23-24Shiga Kogen Ski Resort Information

Maintenance and Closure Schedules

Okushiga Kogen ski resort

February 14th : Due to maintenance, the 2nd rapid lift will be closed at 14:30.
February 17th : To hold the interchamber ski race, the expert course will be closed. Please take the forest course.

Yokoteyama ski resort

Due to the maintenance of the slopes with the artificial snow machine, the 4th pair lift will be closed on these dates.
Dates: February 5th to 9th, 13th to 15th, 26th to March 1st, and March 4th to 8th

Nishitateyama ski resort

February 29th to March 3rd : To hold a ski competition, the lower world cup course will be closed.
March 5th to 8th : To hold a ski competition, the world cup course will be closed.

Giant ski resort

March 19th to 23rd : To hold a ski competition, one side of giant slope will be closed.


Connecting courses (red arrows) / Operating Ski Lifts (Black Dotted Lines) / Lifts out of service (Grey Dotted Lines)

*Please kindly note that lifts and gondolas status are changing without prior notice due to weather and snow condition. Thank you for your understanding. 

Please refer Shiga Kogen Mountain Resort’s website for live lifts and gondolas status.

👇Course connection status👇

【○】Okushiga Kogen ⇔ Yakebitaiyama   (Flat groomed pass of about 100m)
【○】Yakebitaiyama → Okushiga Kogen ( via A1 Giant slalom course and Q1 connecting course )

【○】Yakebitaiyama ⇔ Ichinose Yamanokami ( connecting around bottom area)
【○】Ichinose Yamanokami ⇔ Ichinose Diamond ( connecting around the summit )
【○】Ichinose Diamond ⇔ Ichinose Family ( connecting via an overpass )
【○】Ichinose Family ⇔ Tanne no Mori ⇔ Takamagahara
【○】Takamagahara ⇔ Nishitateyama  ( connecting via an overpass )
【○】Takamagahara → Higashitateyama ( From the summit of Takamagahara through the Higashitateyama Olympic course and Forest course )

【○】Sun Valley ⇔ Maruike ⇔ Hasuike
【○】Hasuike → by Walking → Giant ( walk by front of the Shiga Lake hotel)
【○】Giant → Hasuike ( Connecting from the summit to Hasuike bottom area )

【○】Resort Gondola ⇔ Giant /  Nishitateyama / Hoppo Bunadaira
【○】Hoppo Bunadaira ⇔ Higashitateyama summit ⇔ Terakoya ( transfer gondolas )
【○】Higashitateyama summit → → Ichinose Family ( via connecting course )
【○】Terakoya → → Ichinose Family ( From terakoya pair summit via connecting course )
【○】Ichinose Family → → Terakoya ( Frome Ichinose summit via connecting course )

【○】Kuma no Yu → → Yokoteyama ( From Kumanoyu summit via connecting course )
【○】Yokoteyama → by Walking ( from around 1st lift station area )→ Kuma no Yu
【○】Yokoteyama ⇔ Shibutouge ( connecting around summit )

Rental Shops information👈check!

You can come empty-handed and enjoy ski and snowboard in Shiga Kogen!
Here is information about rental shops.
If you are staying Shiga Kogen, your hotel may have rental shop for their guests. Please ask your hotel about their rental service. Some rental shops in hotel are also welcome for visitors.

Lift Pass information👈check!

Until December 22nd, you can take advantage of early-season lift passes at a discounted rate. Check out the details and purchase tickets at the ticket office of operating ski resorts. This ticket is only available at ticket offices, not on sale with online purchase.

shuttle bus information👈check!

The winter bus schedule is start from December 2nd. They offer shuttle bus between ski resorts for free. Check the updated bus schedule here.
Enjoy your winter season in Shiga Kogen!

Kids Snow Parks👈check!

Kids snow parks in Shiga Kogen!
Not ready for skiing/snowboarding or just want to have fun with snow? Is this the first time for your children to encounter with snow? No worries! We have kids snow parks in Shiga Kogen.
Here you can find information about kids snow parks. Enjoy playing with snow!

Night Skiing

Please refer the Shiga Kogen Mountain Resort website  about night skiing.
Ask ski resorts for more details.

* Opening hours could be changed due to weather conditions without prior notice.


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